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Andrew T Wilcock



Kent Wedding, Portrait, Social and Industrial Photographer


I have been behind the lens for the best part of 30 odd years now. In that time I have developed a style that speaks about the world around me.


I have a particular passion for social photography, which includes weddings, portraiture, corporate and industrial photography. Capturing those special moments in time is a wonderous expericence, and I enjoy sharing it with the people I work with. 

Social Photography is the art of capturing images of people, Their interactions with the environment and those around them. Be that for a portrait, a wedding or a social event.


No matter what the occassion, finding someones personality and capturing it in a timeless image requires skill and patience. At ATW-Images, each portrait, wedding and social event is carefully planned out. Who will be in the pictures, where the photo shoot will take place, what clothes will be worn.


All these things play a vital role in your final image. We want to find out about you, what you like ad what you are like. It's a day all about you, and its a day to have fun and enjoy yourself.


When working on a photographic assignment, I work very closely with my clients to achieve the results they are looking for. 


For years I have loved working with light and colour. The wonderful colour tones in a portrait can be magical, and the shimmering white of a wedding dress is, still to this day, dazzling. However, I have found a new love for Black and White again. The play of light and dark, the textures and emotion that they can exude, has added a new dimension to my portfolio. A perfectly lit portrait in black and white can capture something that colour can't.


Social Photography also goes hand in hand with Industrial Photography, and I have worked with various businesses and public services, such as schools to provide stunning images of staff, interiors and equipment and their surroundings. 


I am a member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers, and being based in Kent England, I am perfectly placed to serve London, Kent and Essex. I am always happy to consider travelling further afield, so please contact me for further information.

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