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A recent trip to a well known wildlife park in Kent gave me the opportunity to not only see, but also capture some amazing wildlife images. I would have loved to have captured them in their natural environment, but alas their habitats are getting smaller and smaller every day. As much as I detest the need for Zoo's, all credit must go to the wonderful keepers who dedicate their lives to ensuring these fine creatures are well looked after and some sort of breeding program ensues. We must all be mindful that we share our planet with other creatures, and they enrich us with their presence every day. Never forget, they have their purpose on this planet, and it affects us too.

This guy deserves his own meme. That look is magnificent.

Such a sad and soulful look from a majestic creature that should be able to run free, with no fear of the poachers gun.

A well timed picture of this Lemur poking his tongue out

Fear not. I am not this close to a tiger. A combination of a zoom lens and some rather thick glass kept us both safe. I would however have loved to have seen him in his natural habitat, and my trophy hunting would be with my trusty camera.

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